July 27, 2004

DNC Nihilism

I feel nothing. Not interest. Not boredom. Not even contempt. Nothing.

I want to feel something. I want to get pissed off. I want to care what Jimmy Carter looks like up close and personal.

Is irony an emotion? I want to feel that, but I don't.

I wish I could find some perverse hillarity in it all. Nothing about this is funny. At the same time, it's not un-funny either.

Forget doing parodies. There is nothing to make fun of. Nothing worthwhile is being said. It's worse than that, there is nothing un-worthwhile being said either. The convention is not happening to me. It is not there and no one is writing about it.

I feel nothing.

I don't even care who's blogging whom at the convention.

I thought I felt something for a second when I read this from N.Z. Bear, but I can't be sure. I should be interested in bloggers who blog from the DNC, but I'm not. Is 'yeah, what he said' a valid emotion?

I definitely felt something when I read Simon's post on the DNC blogging thing. But that was more like solidarity, which I guess counts for something. Maybe.

But on the whole, I feel nothing.

Intellectually, this disturbs me and I know I ought to feel guilty for not giving a rat's ass because one ought to care about such lofty things as democracy and all that jazz. But I don't even feel guilty for that.

I feel nothing. I am an emotional nihilist when it comes to the DNC.

UPDATE: Vindication! Now that is an emotion I am feeling. I knew I wasn't the outlier here. So how come everyone in the blogosphere continues to act as if this is an interesting story or that people actually care?


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