March 21, 2018

Austin Bomber(Mark Anthony Conditt) Bombs Himself

He's dead Jim!

The 24-year-old man who terrified residents of Austin, Texas, with a three-week bombing campaign that killed two people blew himself up on the side of a highway north of the city as police closed in on him early Wednesday, police officials said.

Police had tracked the suspect to a hotel near Austin, the state’s capital city, and were following his vehicle when he pulled to the side of the road and detonated a device, killing himself, Austin Police Chief Brian Manley told reporters near the scene.

“The suspect is deceased and has significant injuries from a blast that occurred from detonating a bomb inside his vehicle,” Manley told reporters. He said the suspect was white but declined to give his name.

Some problems end up solving themselves.

Lets dance!

Update: Dumbass has been identified as Mark Anthony Conditt.

Neighbors expressed shock that Conditt, who was homeschooled, was the bomber.

“I know this is a cliché but I just can’t imagine that,” one neighbor, whose children grew up playing with Conditt, told the Austin Statesman.

The local newspaper also reported that Conditt had received a degree from Austin Community College’s Northridge Campus. He had worked at Crux Semiconductor and as a computer repair technician.

Here is an old Blogspot blog he was running in 2012.

I've archived these in case Google throws them down the memory hole.


As you can see the first site on his blogroll is Andrew Sullivan, definitely not "conservative" but then you see Free Republic as well.

It appears this blog was written for a government class of some kind as he has a classmates blogroll as well. So he seems open to political arguments from the left and right. Possibly the first radical centrist ever?

I'm not sure, but there it is, read it yourself and draw your own conclusions.

Thanks to George.

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March 20, 2018

Sandcrawler PSA: Rusty's Monkey Missing

Rusty emailed, he only emails when he really really needs something. Anyway have any of you seen his damned monkey?


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Allah Hates The Taliban 100% Proof

I just love a story with a happy ending.

The Taliban’s first mistake was kidnapping 36-year-old Awal Khan last week in Paktika, Afghanistan. They had no idea what they were in for.

Khan — despite being handcuffed at the time, Masood told AFP — grabbed a weapon belonging to one of his captors and opened fire.

“Awal Khan sprayed bullets on all of them, killing seven and wounding 18 others,” provincial governor spokesman Mohammad Rahman Ayaz told the outlet Thursday.

Khan then fled in a pickup truck belonging to his kidnappers, Ayaz added to AFP.

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Caption This: Hillary Spreads Edition (Update: Fatwas Issued!)

Yeah I know the title is bad.

Fatwas will be issued.

Update: Fatwas Issued!

The I Will Cut UR Neck Fatwa issued against Paladin for

The Why U Insult Holly Koran? Fatwa issued against redc1c4 for
One if by stairs.

Two if by slipping in the bathtub.

The Devil Will Do Meetballs From Your Body Fatwa issued against Mike for
You know the nearer your destination the more you're slip sliding away!

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Russia Just Following DNCs Lead

So as it turns out Russia wasn't the only one meddling with the 2016 election.

But Facebook didn't know, they totally pinky swear!

Update: Now I learn on the way home NPR says some Trump strategist or some guy who might have been maybe also used the same data? Which just goes to show you, they all do it. And when I say all I mean ALL.

Anyway I'm probably not supposed to say that, its been nice knowing ya'll.

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