November 19, 2014

Dear ISIS: Try And Shoot Down These Drones

That go 550 mph at 200 ft altitude in the dark. Good luck.

Love the 5th Fleet.

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Here Here Good Man!

Jester and I spent some time discussing if they murdered Syrian pilots were "willing martyrs" because it just seems so odd that people would go silently, willingly to the grave.

Its an observation that I've seen several times, including from Gerald at Internet Anthropologist.

A thought supported by the John Cantlie videos.

But my observation was that since the Mujahideen Sura Council days in Iraq the norm is not a kicking and screaming victim. The murders are often banal, with the victim either doing the Thorazine Shuffle or so broken by previous mock executions that they have lost all will to resist and welcome the relief that death might bring from the daily torture and abuse.

And for you Muslims out there reading, remember when you spoke of the brutality and torture of Saddam, Well ISIS IS SADDAM, with one AQI figurehead on top.

So if you want the days of Saddam back, the days where anyone including his own Sunni brothers that opposed him were murdered in cold blood, be proud because no one wanted to resurrect his tyranny, but that is what you have now done with your support of ISIS.

I leave you with Jester's link showing the probable location of the latest ISIS murders...

and this...

Death to ISIS and May God bless America.

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Jawa Wishes Happy Landings to Abu Rumaysah

Channel 4:

Abu Rumaysah told Channel 4 News in August he wanted to live under the Islamic State group. He is now thought to have skipped bail and travelled to Syria with his wife and four children.

When he failed to appear at a bail hearing in London on Tuesday, prosecutor Luke Ponte told Westminster magistrates' court he had boarded a coach to Paris on 27 September.

He added: "He failed to comply with the conditions to surrender his travel documents to police. It's my understanding that he is no longer in the jurisdiction and that he is currently in Syria."

Abu Rumaysah, whose birth name is Siddhartha Dhar, is a former member of al-Muhajiroun, an Islamist group proscribed by the government, and one of the founders of Muslim Patrol in east London, where he lived.

He's also a big fan of Hitler.

His mentor is the traitor Anjem Choudary who, rather than travel to Syria, surrendered his passport, then claimed that he was "oppressed" and wanted to live in IS. So apparently he doesn't want to go very badly. But he's more than happy to send Siddhartha Dhar.

We pray that the UK revokes his ability to travel and the gets his wish to be martyred very soon.

Hat Tip: WhoCaresAnymore.

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I do the same thing whenever they tell me I can't have a double quarter pounder with cheese at 10:29.

Video shot at 52nd and Chestnut in West Philadelphia last week shows two women who apparently missed the 10:30 a.m. breakfast cut-off and their shot at McGriddle sandwiches.

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Caption This: Double Agent Dr. Rusty Shackleford Edition

Caption this image of a gravity challenged Jihadi.

Fatwas will be issued.

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November 18, 2014

What Are We Going to do Today Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi?

The same thing we do every day, chop some heads and hatch out a plot to rule the world.

The video opens with a map of the Islamic State, zooming out to the newly “achieved” territories, playing audio fragments of the several pledges of allegiance from Yemen, the Sinai, Libya and Algeria. The map zooms out further and shows us the IS worldview and aspirations. IS firmly believes that after the conquest of the entire Middle East, they will conquer Rome and al-Andalus (the historical name for the Iberian peninsula). After the re-establishment of the borders of the historical Calpihate; they will turn east and eventually conquer China and Japan. The end-phase will be the conquest of the Americas, referred to as al-Maghrib, the West.
Back of the line buddy, back of the line.

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Everyone Wave Buh Bye To Heather


A woman in Virginia has been arrested and accused of trying to help someone join ISIS in Syria. Heather Elizabeth Coffman, 29, also wrote Facebook posts in support of the Islamic Sate, including one that read “I love ISIS.”


Here’s what you need to know:

Coffman Criminal Complaint

Heather has furiously scrubbed her Facebook in a vain attempt to get the Jihad out.

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Islamic Terrorists Attack Synagogue

I suppose this is because the Palestinians are a mostly peaceful people mostly respecting houses of worship, theirs.

Four Israelis have been killed and eight injured as two men armed with a pistol and meat cleavers attacked a West Jerusalem synagogue, police say.

The attackers - Palestinians from East Jerusalem - were shot dead.

There have recently been several deadly attacks and clashes in Jerusalem, which has also seen heightened tension over a disputed holy site.

Israel has vowed to respond "with a heavy hand" to the attack - the deadliest in Jerusalem in six years.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu blamed "incitement" by Hamas and Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas, and said the international community had ignored their actions.

Of course ordinary Palestinian Muslims surely don't support the indiscriminate murder of civilians at a house of worship....

No, they don't support it, they celebrate it.

This is what they celebrated.

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November 17, 2014

"On the Run" -- Terror Deaths Up 61% in Single Year

Yet another Obama campaign promise delivered:

Terrorism has become a global phenomenon with a 61% increase in the number of people killed in terrorist attacks over the last year. The 2014 Global Terrorism Index provides a fact-based understanding of terrorism and its impact....

17,958 people were killed in terrorist attacks last year, that’s 61% more than the previous year.

82% of all deaths from terrorist attack occur in just 5 countries: Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Nigeria and Syria.

Last year terrorism was dominated by four groups: the Taliban, Boko Haram, ISIL, and al Qa’ida.

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A Frenchman, a Welshman, and Two Brits Walk Into the Desert with Knives....

Insert tragic punchline here:

A hideous snuff video released Sunday by the terrorist group shows a Frenchman, a suspected Welch doctor and two Brits among the knife-wielding executioners....

French prosecutor Francois Molins identified Parisian Maxime Hauchard as one of trio of Europeans butchering Syrian soldiers in the same footage showing Kassig’s murder....

British officials also suspect that two of its citizens — “Jihadi John,” who has been seen in previous beheading videos, and 20-year-old Nasser Muthana — to be among the ISIS thugs participating in the taped slaughter....

In the clip, the killer believed to be Nasser Muthana [from Cardiff, Wales] is seen standing beside “Jihadi John” — the black-clad psycho who has beheaded three Americans and earned his nickname for his London accent.

I'm not sure this is our war, but I am quite sure that the sooner these people are dead the sooner I will be happy. Their mere continued existence offends me on an existential level. They need to be eliminated. Immediately.

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UAE Adds CAIR to Its List of Specially Designated Terrorist Entities


Two Islamic groups in the U.S. that portray themselves as moderate and mainstream expressed shock to learn at the weekend that the United Arab Emirates had included them in a list of terrorist organizations.

The Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), which describes itself as “America’s largest Muslim civil liberties and advocacy organization,” and the Muslim American Society (MAS), which calls itself “a religious community service organization,” were among more than 80 groups whose designation was approved by the UAE cabinet and announced on Saturday.

Others listed included al-Qaeda and its various affiliates in Pakistan, Syria, Yemen and North Africa; the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS/ISIL); the Muslim Brotherhood and several of its U.K.- and Europe-based affiliates; and some Iranian-backed radical Shi’ite groups.

Ibrahim Cooper was of course outraged by this striking example of Islamophobia.


Maybe CAIR spent too much time talking about Islamophobic Halloween costumes and too much ignoring all but the worst instances of Islamic terrorism to suit the UAE?

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