January 28, 2015

Red on Red Vinnie Doxes Howie

Vinnie send this never before seen image of Howie.



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New Conflict Between Hizballah and Israel

Well see the problem was there is not enough war, so now we have an Israel vs HizbAllah conflict quickly escalating in Southern Lebanon and Northern Israel.

Israel's military says two of its soldiers were killed and another seven were wounded in a Hezbollah strike Wednesday on an army convoy near the Lebanese border.

Israel's military responded to the anti-tank missile strike on the convoy with aerial and ground attacks on Hezbollah positions in Lebanon. Lebanese security officials told the Associated Press that Israel fired 25 shells across the border. The Israeli Defense Forces said that residents of the area had been ordered to remain in their homes.

The Lebanese terror group Hezbollah earlier claimed responsibility for the attack and said it destroyed a number of Israeli vehicles. A Spanish U.N. peacekeeper was also killed in the clash.


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Angelina Jolie Visits Iraqi Kurdistan

She recounts her visit here in the NYT's

I HAVE visited Iraq five times since 2007, and I have seen nothing like the suffering I’m witnessing now.

I came to visit the camps and informal settlements where displaced Iraqis and Syrian refugees are desperately seeking shelter from the fighting that has convulsed their region.

In almost four years of war, nearly half of Syria’s population of 23 million people has been uprooted. Within Iraq itself, more than two million people have fled conflict and the terror unleashed by extremist groups. These refugees and displaced people have witnessed unspeakable brutality. Their children are out of school, they are struggling to survive, and they are surrounded on all sides by violence.

For many years I have visited camps, and every time, I sit in a tent and hear stories. I try my best to give support. To say something that will show solidarity and give some kind of thoughtful guidance. On this trip I was speechless.

What do you say to a mother with tears streaming down her face who says her daughter is in the hands of the Islamic State, or ISIS, and that she wishes she were there, too? Even if she had to be raped and tortured, she says, it would be better than not being with her daughter.

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Hostages Fate Unknown After Efforts to Exchange Prisoners

Daily Mail:

Jordan today agreed to release a would-be suicide bomber in exchange for one of its air force pilots being held by the Islamic State.
Pilot Mu'ath al-Kaseasbeh and Japanese hostage Kenji Goto have been threatened with execution this afternoon unless the Jordanian government frees an Iraqi terrorist.

Al-Rishawi was sentenced to death in Jordan for her involvement in a 2005 terrorist attack by Al Qaeda on hotels in Amman that killed 60 people.

Information Minister Mohammed al-Momani said 'Jordan is ready to release the Iraqi prisoner' if al-Kaseasbeh is released unharmed, according to a statement on Jordan's state television.

But Mr al-Momani made no mention of Mr Goto.

In separate developments, efforts to free the Japanese journalist were thrown into confusion today after Tokyo was forced to deny reported comments by one of its ministers that a deal was imminent.

The Japanese Deputy Foreign Minister was earlier reported as saying that Mr Goto would be released 'within hours' in a prisoner exchange deal for al-Rishawi. I see chatter that an exchange has occurred but at this point that's all I can say chatter.

Here is more at Huffpo

It seems the hangup is that Jogo and Jordanian pilot are not held by the same cell. And Jordan is demanding its pilot. There is no mention of him. If ISIS has already murdered Mu'ath al-Kaseasbeh then it might sour the deal for Jogo.

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January 27, 2015

Meanwhile in Tripoli

Remember Tripoli? Its seems there is a song that mentions Tripoli.


Militants have attacked a hotel in the Libyan capital Tripoli, killing at least nine people including five foreigners, officials say.

Several gunmen stormed the Corinthia Hotel and opened fire in the reception area. A car bomb also exploded nearby.

Unconfirmed reports say some of the assailants have blown themselves up. The officials say the dead include one US and one French citizen.

The security forces say the stand-off has now been brought to an end.

The US State Department has confirmed the death of a US citizen, without giving any further details. The dead American is believed to have been a security contractor.

The death of the French and American citizens have been confirmed by their respective governments.

There are conflicting reports as to the total number of attackers.

As you might recall after Libya was liberated it became a staging ground for al-Qaeda aligned fighters and weapons moving into Syria.

It seems Islamic State knows who the militants were and who they were targeting. They most hoped to kill Americans.

Even if the press pretends they don't know.

What’s more disturbing, is that those claiming credit for the attack call themselves ISIS in Libya. It was only two months ago that the Islamic State took full control of Dernah, Libya, a city of about 100,000, off the Mediterranean coast.

or patrons at the Corinthia Hotel in Tripoli, Libya, on Tuesday, what was supposed to be a stay in the lap of luxury turned into a bloody massacre. The last thing guests at the Corinthia could have expected was for ISIS terrorists to crash their stay – jihadist style.


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Sandcrawler Intermission: Making Fun of Arabs For No Particular Reason

I mean why not, if not for them life would be dull, no?

In the interest of diversity we shall now make fun of Hindus and Sikhs at the same time. Mainly because we can't tell them apart.

AliBaba Bunny from Ute on Vimeo.

And last but not least those pesky Crusading Cross Worshipers!

I hope the Cross Worshipers don't kill me!

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Remember Auschwitz

The Auschwitz concentration camp was liberated 70 years ago today.

Scratch marks found on wall inside gas chamber.

Instead of paying respects to the 6 million who died in the Nazi death camps, President Obama will be meeting the new Saudi King.

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Miss USA Has A Message For "Global Terrorists"


From Business Insider via Weasel Zippers:

"If you were given 30 seconds to deliver a message to global terrorists, what would you say?" world champion boxer and Miss Universe judge Manny Pacquiao asked Sanchez.

Sanchez replied: "OK, if I was given 30 seconds to give a message to the global terrorists, is that what you said? OK. I would just say, 'I know as Miss USA, I can always spread a message of hope and love and peace,' and I would do my very best to spread that message to them and everyone else in the world."

I wonder... would they give her those 30 seconds to spread her message before they stoned her to death, or would she have to fit it in during the stoning?

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ISIS Issues New Threat to Kenji Goto Jogo and Jordanian Pilot Mu'ath al-Kaseasbeh

clock for larger

The video was released via the ISIS forum aplotformmedia and Archive.org.

This video is a slightly different still image of Goto reading a statement with an image of the Jordanian Pilot apparently PhotoShopped into one of the previous images of Goto holding the image of the beheaded hostage Haruna Yukawa.

ISIS says the execution of the Jordanian pilot is imminent and Goto is given 24 hours to live.

The release was quickly followed by several copies uploaded here by this Google Plus user.

A fan of Manchester United and also terrorism.




Which links to this twitter user. Followed closely by Alkhaleej Online.

Update: If AQ murders Jogo it will be the third Japanese beheaded by AQ. Recently Haruna Yukawa but in 2004 al-Qaeda murdered Shosei Koda in revenge for Japanese logistical support in Iraq. Another Japanese victim of ISIS parent Ansar al-Sunnah Saito Akihiko.

Update II: I would like to welcome all the readers from Japan, although I'd rather it be under different circumstances.

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Jawa Present Must See Fatwad Films

Films for Phobes via Zip:

300: Rise of Empire – Film

American Sniper – Film

Amira & Sam – Film

Dracula Untold – Film

Exodus: Gods and Kings – Film

Honor Diaries – Film

Oppressed Majority – Film

RoboCop (2014) – Film

Enjoy the phobic arts today!

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SteepHost The Criminal Datacenter Helping the Cyber Jihad

If you're wondering who helps the Cyber Jihad spam sites that say things they don't like. Meet Steephost.

However, other companies have risen to take the place of McColo. In particular, Lanstein points to a pool of compromised computers, or “botnet”, known as Grum, which at certain peak points last year was responsible for 26 percent of the world’s spam. Lanstein says he traced Grum’s operations back to a block of Internet protocol (IP) addresses hosted by a single company in the Ukraine called SteepHost.

Lanstein found that the IP addresses commanding Grum were spread across all the addresses managed by SteepHost, which he believes indicates that the company is operating purely as a criminal data center.

Which is Ironic Russia really has no interest in helping Islamic Terrorists. They are a common enemy.

So Mr. Putin should lower the boom on Steephost for doing so.

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January 26, 2015

Shami Still In Slami Charges Pending

Poor poor ShamiWitness, I'm sure his job is history by now.

The investigating team probing pro-IS Twitter account @ShamiWitness handler Mehdi Masoor's case has found a key evidence to prove his connections with the IS fighters.

IS sympathizer Mehdi Masoor, who hails from West Bengal, used his Twitter handle @ShamiWitness to help an IS fighter to enter Syria from Turkey, reports Indian Express.

IS fighter with Twitter handle @TalabAlHaqq Twitter, who had been waiting at the border since June 19, 2014 to enter Syria tweeted, “how can a mihajir stuck in southeastern turkey get help crossing through to raqqa in sha allah??”

To this @shamiwitness responded, “Tal Abyad crossing open now."

Masoor also marked the tweet to two other Twitter accounts, namely @onthatpath3 and @AbuUmar8246.

@ShamiWitness replied to @TalabAlHaqq's tweet within two hours, as per Bangalore Police.

Further @TalabAlHaqq tweeted to @ShamiWitness, @AbuUmar8246 and @onthatpath3, “Assalam aleykom, ShamiWitness could you please clarify how long will it be open?’’
@ShamiWitness tweeted back that “Jarabulus etc” might also be open.

So don't Jihadi your mother might starve.

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Islamic State of Losers Lose Kobane


BEIRUT – Kurdish troops on Monday notched a major symbolic blow to the Islamic State group, taking full control of Kobane after months of battles against ISIS.


Kurdish People’s Protection Unit (YPG) units “took full control over the town of Kobane following violent clashes with ISIS that lasted 112 days,” the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said Monday afternoon.

“YPG units are still combing some houses in the eastern suburbs of the town, and dismantling and detonating [left over] explosive devices,” it added.

SOHR director Rami Abdel Rahman told AFP that “the Kurds are pursuing some jihadists on the eastern outskirts of Kobane, but there is no more fighting inside now.”

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CyberJihadis on Twitter Becoming Annoying

The count of airplanes forced to land via twitter bomb threats is up to 4.

So those were the two planes in Atlanta, two more this weekend Seattle.

There are two solutions to this problem. One, Twitter stops giving Jihadis space on Twitter. They have done a good job the last few days suspending ISIS accounts. They could do it.

Or large companies could close their twitter accounts, I mean really, a large company want to open itself up to the chaos and unpredictability of social media is beyond me. Corporations usually like control over the narrative, you sure as hell won't get that on Twitter.

Of course the thing that frightens Twitter is not the Jihadi accounts but losing large corporations now given the history of Twitter bleeding cash, um yeah. That might get their attention. Providing the Jihadis "free speech" might become very expensive.

So if I were one of these airlines, I'd just dump Twitter and leave to jerks like those bloggers at Jawa Report.

Just saying.

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CyberCaliphate's No Class Hack


The website of Malaysia Airlines was hacked Monday by a group that proclaimed support for the militant Islamic State group and also vowed to release data stolen from the site.

The airline's site was down for at least seven hours, replaced by a message from the hacker group, before the company brought it back online by mid-afternoon in Malaysia.

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January 25, 2015

ISIS Video Dispatch From Kobane: Fine We're All Fine Here

Situation normal. How are you?

ooops another copy

Boring conversation anyway.

*Note: Blame laid squarely at the feet of Obama and The Juice at around 1:15.


Apparently showing a beaten and defeated ISIS is against Youtube rules the alternate copy is without the threat to Obama and the Jews because Jihadtube doesn't want you to know they threatened our President and the Jews.

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