January 31, 2015

ISIS Murders Kenji Goto Joto

ISIS has carried out the Murder Japanese hostage of Kenjo Goto Jogo.


I can confirm this is the case. In the video Jihad John appears, it is his voice, he then speaks about the Grace of Allah, but Kenji was shown no grace. Joto is silent and stoic, a still at the end of the video confirms his death.

Our prayers go out to the people of Japan and to his family.

Evil does abide on this Earth its name is ISIS.

Tolerance becomes a crime when applied to evil.

ISIS seems annoyed that states are not recognizing the power of the group as a true state, the irony of murdering a bound journalist while hiding in a ravine seems to escape them.

The video is also very short and has a number of issues playing outside a web browser. Its fairly high resolution but appears hastily prepared with out many of the post production features. Aside from the reappearance of the al-Furqan label.

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Chatter Jordanian Pilot Executed( Update: ISIS Claims Killing of Syrian Accused of Working for Jordanian Intelligence: Video Released)

I'm seeing chatter that the Jordanian Pilot has been executed. There are posts on forums and twitter indicating the release of a high quality video production of his death.

I would warn that this is at this point only chatter. I can't confirm it yet. But the sources look credible.

I would note that ISIS never provided proof of life for the pilot, that combined with al-Furqan media's recent troubles. Sending out still images over audio messages indicates to me that the pilot has been dead for some time.

That ISIS didn't provide proof of life because ISIS was sitting on a this production as things went sour.

We'll update if this is confirmed.

Upate: From what I can gather its of a Syrian accused of working for Jordanian intelligence.

Not the pilot. No news of him. But this person had been held for some time so when he was killed is still not clear.

Update : The video is here and below the fold.

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January 30, 2015

Confirmed British ISIS Fans Are Porn Obsessed Losers Who Can't Score Chicks

I can confirm this, in conversations with some of them when they get pissed off hey send you gay porn. Never realizing that Duh, that having gay porn on their computers makes them, gay.

Which means girls won't let them touch them, because EEEEWWWW!

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Jordan Doubles Down

If ISIS executes Jordan's pilot it will summarily hang the prisoner ISIS is demanding, then quickly try and execute all ISIS terrorists in its custody.

One of the Islamic State’s hostages is Jordanian pilot Lt. Muath al-Kaseasbeh, who is being held along with Japanese journalist Kenji Goto. Jordan told the terrorists that it will summarily try and execute ISIS prisoners in their control should they murder their pilot.

Elijah Magnier, chief international correspondent for Kuwait’s Al Rai newspaper, told MailOnline: ‘I have reliable contact in the Jordanian government who says a message has been passed to ISIS.

‘It warns that if they kill the pilot they will implement the death sentences for Sajida and other ISIS prisoners as soon as possible.’

Shortly after reports of the ultimatum emerged, Jordan issued a statement saying they were still waiting for proof that the captured F-16 pilot was still alive.

Jordan executes those sentenced to death by hanging. A method of death the ISIS terrorist find most dishonorable.

So this is backfiring on ISIS in a very bad way.

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Peaceful Indian Imams Beat Muslim Boy For Not Being Muslim Enough to Join ISIS

Although none of the ROP clerics will go to Syria to fight, they were more than willing to force other Muslim families to donate their sons as cannon fodder for the crazed Abu Ibrahim al-Baghdadi.

A 16-year-old boy was reportedly beaten up by six people, including four 'Islamic clerics' for refusing to join Islamic State (ISIS) and wage jihad against the infidels.

urquan Sheikh, a class 10 student, was thrashed near his house in the suburban town of Mumbra, located 40km from Mumbai. The boy's family was reportedly approached a few days back by the four maulvis (Islamic clerics) asking him to join 'holy war' in Syria and Iraq being fought by Sunni militants.

The four reportedly even came to the boy's house telling his parents that the boy would be trained properly and would get to live in foreign lands. The family, however, is said to have politely refused the offer.

On 26 January, the four clerics, who are members of the local mosque ganged up on the teenager along with two other men and beat him up mercilessly. The six even threw stones and broke the glass windshield of the car belonging to Furquan's father.

They accused the boy and his family of not being true Muslims as they refused to join the Islamic State (ISIS). They reportedly even tried to drag the boy through the streets into the mosque to make him recite Quran, to prove his faith.

Furquan's mother Parveen Sheikh who rushed to the scene after being informed by the neighbours, told the local police in her complaint that the boy received severe injuries to this rib cage, which caused internal bleeding, Mumbai Mirror reported.

Baghdadi has proven to be quite talented inb getting foreign volunteer Muj killed in wasted battles.

Like Baghdadi the only interest the Islamic Clerics in Mumbai has ion the boy was for cannon fodder, when he refused to waste his life, the decided to waste him.

Religion of something something, I forget.

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Attn: Twitter User @islamujohn



Your twitter has been beheaded, again.


You lose.

Add to the list of losers


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January 29, 2015

Reader Love Mail: Suleyman Hates Me

What did I ever do to him?


Just in case he deletes it.

Hey did you guys know he's pals with Censored31? What is the penalty for that under Sharia? It might be harsh. Just saying.

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CyberAnvil Hacker Collective Takes Over Dutch TV

The red light is on, the mic is working. But no speech?


A gunman has been arrested in a studio of Dutch news broadcaster NOS after disrupting the main evening news, reportedly demanding airtime.

Staff were evacuated from the building in the Media Park in the central city of Hilversum.

The man, smartly dressed and carrying a long pistol, paced around a studio that appeared to be empty.

When armed police confronted him, he dropped the gun and was overpowered.

The suspect, from the small town of Pijnacker near The Hague, is being held on suspicion of making a threat, weapons possession and taking a hostage.

I'm working on it so far all I can gather is there are 98 hackers in CyberAnvil whatever that is.

So whomever whatever you are we'd love to read what you're saying we love Kiihnspiracy theory....

Ok I think Cyberaanval is cyber attack. LOL anyway if anyone has a full English translation of the letter?

Update: Here is what I think is a fairly accurate translation I got from some asshole Jihadi.


Its clickable if you can't see it.

Another here on Pastebin from some scary looking hacker guy.

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Video: Female Russian Hacker Disables Car!

Never underestimate the power of a woman, with an axe to grind

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War Porn :Freshly Dead ISIS Courtesy of Iraq MOD

Hey that's a nice big machine gun he's packing. I wonder how it does against Hellfilre?

Not very well.

Toyota vs Hellfile: Nope.

Concrete vs Hellfire? Nuh uh.

Bonus: The Pesh copy of this one with all the cool music got removed but here ya go.

I think the Pesh is saying that he won't be using this knife anymore.

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Abu Saad al-Dagestani Rot in Hell

He's dead Jim.

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Condemned Al-Shadadi Resident Resists His Murder by ISIS Savages

A video from Al-Shadadi in ISIS controlled territory shows a crowd gathered in the square where a man is beheaded by ISIS goons.

n yet another disgusting display of the subhuman monstrosities of which ISIS is capable, they’ve taken to yet another barbaric beheading of an innocent man. This time taking place on a public street after a crowd had come together to bear witness to the event, the Syrian man is pinned down and releases a few blood curdling screams before being decapitated for disobeying their Islamist rules.

The incident took place in a town of about 25,000 people called Al-Shadadi. As the prisoner remains at his knees secured by a handful of terrorists, he pleads with the crowd to come to his aid, but it appears they’re too afraid to do anything to help.

In some recent ISIS execution videos published recently byu the official media houses show large crowds that are treating the executions like great entertainment.

In this video the crowd is much less so. But still does nothing, possibly out of fear and the fact that ISIS confiscates all weapons except theirs. So to make any resistance by the locals very difficult,.

The man's resistance is heroic... But in the end he is beheaded in one stroke. IN such cases the victim's head can live for up to 30 seconds.

The video is below the fold. In passing it would be a great mercy to everyone present if these events were treated as the target rich environment they actually are.

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Disassembling ISIS Malware Attack Against Raqqah is being Slaughtered Silently

A look at an ISIS malware attack by Citizenlab.

This report describes a malware attack with circumstantial links to the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria. In the interest of highlighting a developing threat, this post analyzes the attack and provides a list of Indicators of Compromise.

A Syrian citizen media group critical of Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) was recently targeted in a customized digital attack designed to unmask their location. The Syrian group, Raqqah is being Slaughtered Silently (RSS), focuses its advocacy on documenting human rights abuses by ISIS elements occupying the city of Ar-Raqah. In response, ISIS forces in the city have reportedly targeted the group with house raids, kidnappings, and an alleged assassination. The group also faces online threats from ISIS and its supporters, including taunts that ISIS is spying on the group.

Raqqah is being Slaughtered Silently's feed is here.

Thanks to B&B.

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