September 04, 2015

Jawas vs TriCk 35-14 Final!

Jawa readers will recognize our recent suspensions and Twitter feud with the leader of CyberCaliphate Juniad Hussain aka TriCk.

It went back and forth there for a while with the last few accounts and with TriCk scoring some big media hacks. But in the end there is only one way these things end.

SuperDrone! (00DA0000000K0A8.500G000000lvS7C)

Let the recriminations and Jihadi excuses begin.

Whatever, he's still Dead Jim!

Now is the time at Jawa when we dance.

Attn: Twitter User TriCk @AbuHussainIS @AbuHussain09 @AbuHussain31337 (Update: Your Move Bub)
Attn: Juniad Hussain aka TriCk Reprise

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September 02, 2015

Placeholder: Allies in Syria Learning Important Military Skills, Like Jumping Through Flaming Hoops of Fire, Breaking Cinder Blocks w/ Head
Also, prayers for Howie (Update Your Prayers Work! Howie is Alive!)

Behold, our allies in the FSA (Jaysh al-Thuwar)! Our common ISIS enemies fear and tremble at their might!

jaish al-thuwar karate kings.JPG

jaish al-thuwar flaming hoops.JPG

Stolen from Grotbags McTroll who, unfortunately, closes his tweets from the public at large.

Also, yeah it's been a while since any one posted. Howie is sick. It's serious. Keep him in your prayers.

Update by Howie the Undead:

Sorry to disappoint the Jihadi community, but the Jews saved my ass again!

Thanks for all your prayers, especially the ones rooting for my death.

Allah knows best.

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